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Beautiful Wild Rose

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Bongo Boy Records artist SECRET LIE new release Beautiful Wild Rose.
SECRET LIE is made up by Pedro Teixeira Silva (Corvos), who is not only the composer and violinist, but also the project’s mentor; Nuno Correia (Forgotten Suns), on bass; Tiago Ramos on drums; Tó Pica (Ramp, Anti-Clockwise) on lead guitar; Adelino Duarte (Sunset 91) on guitar and vocals; Nuno Louro (Spelling Nadja) on Keyboards; and Sara Madeira as lead vocalist, an amazing eighteen year old natural talent.

Biography: On May 18, 2012 SECRET LIE made their first public appearance in concert. It was the beginning of "The Debut Tour 2012". The band has done photo shoots with renowned photographers: Rui Leal, João Paulo Wadhoomall and Renato Paz.
Secret Lie also participated in the event against hunger at Estadio da Luz, Lisbon, organized by Luis Figo and Sport Lisboa e Benfica.

Their single "I Can be Free" (track No.2) premiered exclusively on the most listened to radio station in Portugal "Radio Commercial", which generated immediate acceptance by radio stations around the world; making it one of the Portuguese bands whose sound reaches more countries worldwide: (Portugal, Spain, Italy, Ireland, England, Sweden, Russia, Australia, USA, Greece, Venezuela, Norway, Cyprus, Czech Republic, India, Georgya, Bielorussia, Ukrania, Germany, Argentina, Lithuania, New Zeland, Mexico, Hungary, etc)
- The single reached #1 on the Vodafone music download chart and reached #1 on the charts of Don Fuas (Portuguese radio station). The song also is part of the soundtrack of the prime time TV soap, Destinos Cruzados, a most viewed National station, TVI and was entered in airplay in one of the most important stations of National radio, RFM.

The band has participated in several TV shows on Sic and RTP (Portuguese national TV stations).
They are the first Portuguese band to be on Balcony TV’s Top World Videos.
In August Secret Lie filmed their first music video for the song "Beautiful Wild Rose". That Music Video made it to the top of the most viewed Portuguese musical videos on Myspace and Sapo. This music video is currently on National Television in the USA with distribution through Bongo Boy TV with 10 major cable companies including NBCUniversal Comcast and Time Warner.
Track No5 “Falling Spaces” can also be found on Bongo Boy Records Compiltions Volume Six in August in Asia.
The band has given exclusive interviews to music magazines: Fan Base, Tribe, Cord, Gothic Girl Art, DeezMag.

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Twitter: @1SecretLie
Sounds Like: HIM, Evanescence, Within Temptation, Paramore

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