Bongo Boy Records Compilations Volume Five
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Bongo Boy Records Compilations Volume Five

Various Artists
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10 songs
Featured 10 international recording artists which some of them have been featured on The Bongo Boy Rock n’ Roll TV show series in The USA.
1. Pilot Hayes – “She’s Sexy” a very sexy song with a sultry vibe. 2. Yona Pax – “Votez Pour Moi” in English means “Vote For Me” is a lovely French ballad by Yona Pax. 3. JMAXX – “Sassy Girl” this is song has a super electro beat and a great dance tune. 4.Saydah ft. E. – “Rhythm” sing with a beautiful trill in her voice which lends super-sexiness to a catchy tune. 5. Xavier Toscano – “Apologies Wasted” a song that cathes you from the start with clever lyrics, the song has you dancing immediately. 6. Natalie Jean and Guy R. Jean – “C’est Toi Et Moi” this is Studio 54 NYC revival at Its best.
7. Conceptz ft MelodiQ– “Funky 5” beautiful lyrical breakouts has a Michael Jackson' appeal to it with a modern twist sang by 2 brothers. 8. Wayne O – “She’s My Girl” is the Big Bopper sound like what the 1950's were all about: poodle skirts, letterman sweaters, bobby socks, and rock & roll. 9. Deborah Henriksson – “Evening Star” is a very pretty Celtic song that could be captured in a delicate bottle to keep forever, this song is simply lovely. 10. Sarantos – “I Love To Love You Too” comes with a infectious beat, a very Hypnotic dance track.

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