Album Intro

‘Chopin is my favourite composer but now I think it is the right time to do Beethoven and these three sonatas.’ ‘They are not only my personal favourites from his Romantic era but also the three most popular. Everybody – classical music fans and non-classical music fans – everybody knows them. All three sonatas are very beautiful and passionate.’

For Yundi, to record Beethoven at this point in his career is a natural development for him. ‘I am 30 this year, my musical understanding and experience is growing. Of course everybody knows I love the Romantic era in music but this recording shows this other kind of Romanticism in music.’

Four years and six sonatas after the ‘Pathétique’, comes the ‘Moonlight’, the most popular of all Beethoven’s works in the genre. The work is the second of two composed in 1800–01 to which Beethoven gave the title Sonata quasi una Fantasia (‘Sonata in the style of a Fantasia’) in order to differentiate their unconventional structure from their more classically conceived predecessors: to begin a sonata with a slow movement, for instance, was highly unconventional