Bongo Boy Records Compilations Volume Six
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Bongo Boy Records Compilations Volume Six

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10 songs
Bongo Boy Records is excited to announce the next compilation album with ten International recording artists. The Bongo Boy Records Compilations Volume Six includes recording artists that have been featured on The Bongo Boy Rock n’ Roll TV show series which airs on Television channels across the USA. The independent record label is committed to release other volumes in Asia with featured artists from their growing record label roster and television show series.
Bongo Boy Records Compilation Volume Six Kicks of with Barbara Kiss from Budapest, Hungary and her song "Catch Me" (track 1) which has those vintage Gin Blossom's guitar riffs, an awesome hook and powerful vocals. From Canada Jon Mullane comes at you with his “Body Rock” (track 2) kicks it into high gear with “Body Rock” where Jon says, “Turn it up”, which is the only way to listen to this, LOUD! The slamming guitars and Jon's forceful vox. From Italy Amycanbe brings a smooth as well modern track “Truth Be Told” (track 3) where one can hear some Sinead O'Connor in her vocal deflections. This mid-tempo track is flavorful and has some interesting accompaniment. NICE!
From The USA Inches from Sin, gives it up on “Murder” (track 4), a cool retro R&B sound that takes the listener back in time. The individual solos and harmonies are spot on and done to perfection! The line, “I smell perfume and it ain't mine” sums it all up!.
From Portugal comes Secret Lie they knows how to get people to listen with their song, “Filling Spaces” (track 5) with beautiful vocals by Sarah Madeira.
Also from The USA Full Body Tone, takes things directly to the punk rock scene of New York City CDGB’s years with “King Of The World” (track 6) that features ripping guitars, pounding snare rides and an in-your-face attitude that should be a killer with the younger set worldwide.
A powerful song from American songwriter Daniel Amedee titled “Don’t Want To Do It Again”. (track 7) which has a bit of a Smashing Pumpkins feel to the intro. Those unique vocals are captivating as is the simplicity of this tune! CATCHY! .
Inches From Sin is back with a second song on this compilation release, “Out Of Reach” (track 8) a funky blues based number that tells a story that has implications about what is happening in America today. You will love the retro guitar picking! UP FRONT & COOL!
From California, Hizreturn, with their contemporary gospel song “Forever More” (track 9), reaches back with a classic style updated with a retro/mod feel enhanced by the two-voice melodies. The keys with the leslie adds that depth and fat-sound to this track. VERY HEARTFEL. This song has also been send in for consideration for the 58th Grammys ballot.
The last song is by Inches Of Sin their track, “Move On” (track 10) which is a fun-sounding track that rocks you out from the door. Robert Brewer's vocals are strong and Karen Holloway adds nice harmonies as a compliment. The guitar's are talking BIGTIME! Nicely closing out Bongo Boy Records Compilations Volume Six

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