Blondfire Discography

Fearless (The Spark) Fearless (The Spark) 2020/08/07 Marigold Marigold 2020/07/17 Climb Climb 2020/05/08 Black Hole Sun Black Hole Sun 2017/06/16 Here and Now Here and Now 2017/03/24 Heathens Heathens 2016/10/14 We Want the Airwaves We Want the Airwaves 2016/09/16 Domino (Acoustic Version) Domino (Acoustic Version) 2016/06/10 True Confessions - EP True Confessions - EP 2016/03/11 True Confessions (Acoustic Version) True Confessions (Acoustic Version) 2016/02/12 True Confessions True Confessions 2016/02/05 Christmas Lights Christmas Lights 2015/12/03 Pleasure Pleasure 2015/10/09 Young Heart Young Heart 2014/02/17 Young Heart Young Heart 2014/02/11 Where the Kids Are - EP Where the Kids Are - EP 2013/10/22 Where The Kids Are EP Where The Kids Are EP 2012/11/20 My Someday My Someday 2008/03/25 Pretty Young Thing Pretty Young Thing 2008/03/06