Oneul Discography

Spring Tune Spring Tune 2023/03/24 Nice to meet you Nice to meet you 2023/02/18 End of the Road End of the Road 2023/02/13 Hello Weekend Hello Weekend 2023/01/20 Everyday is Christmas Everyday is Christmas 2022/12/25 Matcha Green Tea Matcha Green Tea 2022/10/28 Wizard's Dinner Wizard's Dinner 2022/09/30 Seminyak Seminyak 2022/08/26 Good Night Chamomile Good Night Chamomile 2022/07/15 Afternoon Rooibos Afternoon Rooibos 2022/07/01 Morning Peppermint Morning Peppermint 2022/06/17 Blooming Blooming 2021/12/01 Let's Clean! Let's Clean! 2021/11/26 You Made My Day You Made My Day 2021/11/24 Lullaby Lullaby 2021/11/22 Cats Everywhere Cats Everywhere 2021/11/19 Let's desserts! Let's desserts! 2021/11/16 Stay Cozy Stay Cozy 2021/11/05 Acid Dreams (Cover) Acid Dreams (Cover) 2021/11/03