Dreamshade Discography

Grey Days Grey Days 2022/10/14 Rise Rise 2022/06/03 A Pale Blue Dot A Pale Blue Dot 2021/03/05 Nothing but the Truth Nothing but the Truth 2021/03/01 Stone Cold Digital Stone Cold Digital 2021/02/19 Shanghai Nights Shanghai Nights 2021/01/08 Lightbringers Lightbringers 2020/11/30 Lost in the Echo Lost in the Echo 2018/08/10 On My Own On My Own 2018/06/29 Vibrant Vibrant 2016/12/09 Dreamers Don't Sleep Dreamers Don't Sleep 2015/02/04 The Gift Of Life The Gift Of Life 2012/01/01 What Silence Hides What Silence Hides 2010/01/01 What Silence Hides - Japan edition What Silence Hides - Japan edition 2010/01/01