Amanda Fondell Discography

Twist Twist 2020/03/27 Widescreen Widescreen 2020/01/17 Sympathy Sympathy 2019/11/15 Reckless Reckless 2019/10/25 Crown Crown 2018/06/01 In a Talk With Nature In a Talk With Nature 2017/06/02 Count On You Count On You 2017/05/05 Naked Naked 2017/03/24 Because I Am Because I Am 2014/10/31 Keep the Love Keep the Love 2014/06/11 Dumb Dumb 2014/04/28 Let the Rain Fall Let the Rain Fall 2013/08/21 Bastard Bastard 2012/11/07 All This Way All This Way 2011/01/01