Arrested Development Discography

Never Had Your Back Never Had Your Back 2022/01/10 Swing Um Swing Um 2021/12/10 For the FKN Love For the FKN Love 2021/12/10 Vibe Vibe 2021/10/22 Don't Fight Your Demons Don't Fight Your Demons 2020/09/25 Becoming Becoming 2020/09/18 Onya Onya 2020/09/01 Craft & Optics Craft & Optics 2018/10/19 Where? Where? 2017/12/29 In 1 Day (Whole World Changed) In 1 Day (Whole World Changed) 2017/03/21 I Don't See You at the Club I Don't See You at the Club 2016/07/12 This Was Never Home This Was Never Home 2016/02/16 Living Living 2011/09/27 Strong Strong 2010/04/06 Since the Last Time Since the Last Time 2007/10/30 Zingalamaduni Zingalamaduni 2006/01/01 Among The Trees Among The Trees 2004/08/02 Raw & Live Raw & Live 2004/01/01 Heroes of the Harvest Heroes of the Harvest 2003/01/19 Extended Revolution Extended Revolution 2003/01/01