Spazz Discography

1K Anthem 1K Anthem 2022/10/29 Voices Voices 2022/10/10 FEEL NO NIGGA FEEL NO NIGGA 2022/09/30 Let's Get It!! Let's Get It!! 2022/09/22 Doubled up Doubled up 2022/09/13 Nothing Little Nothing Little 2022/07/26 My Way To You My Way To You 2022/07/26 Cut Deep Cut Deep 2022/07/01 Spatzz Spatzz 2022/06/30 All On Me All On Me 2022/06/28 Sober Sober 2022/06/23 Toxic Toxic 2022/06/17 I Did It I Did It 2022/05/28 PATRICIA PATRICIA 2022/05/27 Tap In Tap In 2022/05/17 Ok Ok 2022/04/29 BaLL BaLL 2022/04/25 Time Flies Time Flies 2022/04/18 WAVY WAVY 2022/03/20 Pray for Me Pray for Me 2022/03/20