Mayday's Ashin Makes A Song Request At 831's Online Show

Mayday's Ashin Makes A Song Request At 831's Online Show
Avier Tan
Avier Tan

Taiwanese rock band The Last Day of Summer, better known by their numerical moniker 831, saw their popularity soar to new heights recently.

Their spike in public attention was followed by their Original Soundtrack (OST) release titled “Miss You 3000”, which has surpassed more than 21 million views on YouTube. The quintet also came in first place on KKBOX’s Top Mandarin Yearly Singles Chart.

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Here are five highlights from theband's live concert on May 30.

1. 831 Quarantine Update

The hardworking band hasn't been idle during thispandemic.

“I’m still in the studio most of the time working on our concert DVD, and we’re hoping to release it by this summer,” keyboardist Orange Yang says.

2. Mayday’s lead vocalist Ashin made a song request

Like most of 831’s fans, Mayday’s lead vocalist Ashin appealed to the band in the comments section of the live stream.

He requested the band to perform their latest release “Miss You 3000”.

Fans sent in their requests and had their wishes granted.831did a live rendition of their 2015 track “BFF”. Emcee Lulu Huang joined in for impromptu duet with drummer Dan-Tsai, singing an oldie “Red in Snow”.

3. 831 Broke Another Record

No, we’re not referring to the records they broke with their song releases.

Instead, their viewer count went past the 30,000 mark in the midst of their performance. This makes them the most-watched YouTube live stream in Asia.

“Don’t leave (our live stream), we have more songs awaiting you”, lead vocalist Uplee humorously pleaded.

4. You can still enjoy 831’s music, spare the fight for concert tickets

A fan commented that this is one of the rare occasions in which they can enjoy 831’s tunes with such an immersive experience without the struggle to get the best concert tickets.

“Before the release of our concert tickets, we’re usually anxious,” Uplee says. But since this is an online live stream, their fear and worries were unfounded this time.

That's a relief. But we're sure die-hard fans would rather brave the struggle to get a live show ticket.

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5. 831 took a trip down memory lane

Did you know the band members were high school mates? They also used to tour schools for performances

Fast forward a decade, they have held a large-scale concert in the Taipei Arena, toured Beijing, Thailand, Japan, Seoul and more.

The 90-minute set ended off with a tease — an upcoming fifth album.

While we wait, relive the 831 live show on KKBOX.

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