Around The World: Mandopop Edition

Around The World: Mandopop Edition


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In times like these, let us take you on a trip around the world using the power of music.

To cheer you on this May, we will be bringing you a curated list of songs every single weekend. From the sentimental classics in Mandopop to the trendiest tunes in K-Pop, we will bring you on a journey around the world via the spectrum of musical genres, one song at a time.

This week, we will be starting off with some of our favourite Mandopop songs. Want your favourites to be featured on this list too? Shoot us a comment and let us know!


楊花落盡子規啼     04:35
漂向北方 (Stranger In The North)   04:30
围城   05:21
紙船(電視劇《天醒之路》片尾曲)   04:07
記得回來   04:28
为你而活 - Album Version   04:42
引路的风筝 (The Kite Leads the Way)   04:33
不用告訴我 - 東森戲劇台韓劇「巧克力」片尾曲   04:28
我很快乐 (I'm Happy) 04:57
为你我受冷风吹   04:17
睡前故事     03:35
天黑请闭眼 (Werewolves)   04:46
漂向北方   04:31
速食爱情 (Modern Love)   03:35
我管你 (I DON'T CARE)   04:27
星际牛仔 (Space Cowboy)   03:26
一口一口   03:41
Tomorrow will be fine.   04:59
小酒窝 - 超甜對唱情歌   03:37
Stop Sugar   03:38
想见你想见你想见你 (Miss You 3000) - 电视剧<想见你>片尾曲   03:59
给还没出现的你 (Writing to You)   04:09
说好不哭 (With 五月天阿信) (Won’t Cry (With Mayday Ashin))
周杰伦 (Jay Chou) - 说好不哭 (Won't Cry)
不習慣   03:30
Easy Come Easy Go   03:46
過招   04:05
巴黎的十二點   03:41
永不結束的馬拉松   04:37
OAOA - 現在就是永遠   04:42
末路狂花 (run! frantic flowers!)   03:10
Fancy     03:24