2015 annual selection of NME

2015 annual selection of NME


Playlist description

Canadian indie Grimes won the Best of 2015 from England’s New Musical Express (NME) with her fusion of R&B, Glitch-Electronica, New Age and Dream-Pop that redefines electropop, while Kendrick Lamar the rapper boldly rap with jazz, funk and soul to complete his own experiment with success. Other artists like Chvrches, Lana Del Ray and Miley Cyrus also made 2015 a fantastic year with their share of magnificent crossovers.


Flesh without Blood 04:24
Alright 03:39
I Know There's Gonna Be (Good Times) 03:33
Fluffy     02:44
Yes I'm Changing   04:30
Honeymoon 05:49
What Went Down   05:00
Spit It Out     05:09
Life Like This   04:05
Fine Whine   03:38
No Cities to Love     03:05
Living My Life     03:49
Ong Ong   03:08
Bored in the USA     04:22
One Great Song and I Could Change the World   03:57
The Hills 04:02
Telephone Play No. 1     01:15
On The Regular   02:58
Pedestrian At Best     03:50
Energy 03:01
Chorus     05:54
Another One   02:40
Warrior   05:19
Anthem For Doomed Youth   04:26
Trap Queen 03:42
The Hunter   03:01
Break The Rules 03:23
Up&Up   06:45
Bad Blood   03:55
Throne 03:11