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Lyricist: 姚若龍/劉承俊     Composer: Yoon Il Sang/Sarah Yoon

When I hear your voice over the line
All I wanna do is to keepyou on my mind.
I only had one die. How long?
Don't wanna play the fool How did we end up like this baby.
Just wanna play a cool I knew always promise.

Won't you tell me baby boo what you want what you need way be,
I'll be the one that you need till I die baby. Let me!
Tell you about the things that you don't realize,
so let me televize my love so you can fantasize.
Conjuction-Function But look at the situation.
Don't waste a time let's have a conversation.
It's kind of sad butthat's our only option.
Let's keep it down low till I get there uh

连耳朵都肿啦 话说太多声音都哑啦
抱著电话有点爱困 还舍不得挂

Yeah,that's how it isas I keep on reminess
you know I keep it real on yes we've got to deal with this
but I'm sick of this,
pocker face acting stupid for the Show-biz Gee-biz
but wait I'll be there,When I'm done with this

我昨天睡太晚 我想你想到三点半
很容易不耐烦 总嫌时钟走得那么慢

My heart is always with you even though we're a part baby.
I know you're sad and blue but that can't take as a part .
Get away from the dark baby come and see the light.
Yuki,in my dream I could with in my Mitsubishi.
But times going are going and gone it's gone like the wind that can't stop,
but stop not at the bus stop, you i my drop top.
Yeah put time in lock.
That's right.You and me baby messing around in parking lot,
don't wake me up.
想著我 Take the time to explain my mind
跟著我 You so fine I wanna make you mine
只想永远在一起 Can you be with me?
Live in luxury,and we be making precious history.
I keep your picture by my bed so I can know you're in my head.
Take my hand by your hand,and I will always be your man.
You gotta trust in me like I would trust in you,
baby close your eyes and my love will see you through.

总有人不嫌烦 找理由过来搭讪
每次都会让我特别想你觉得好孤单 遥远的距离
等待对爱来说像酷刑 却又有神奇的魔力

If you keep this in your mind, we will make it through this time.
You will find, it's a sign, it's written in my rhyme.
Even though we are apart, you are always in my heart.
Honey stay with me forever and throuugh any thing endeavor.
Can we make it through this phase, I will see you through this maze.
If you put your faith in me,happy ending it will be.
That's a promise Yuki,have a little patience,and in time, you'll see.