My Funny Valentine

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My funny Valentine 我可亲的小情人
Sweet comic Valentine 喜感洋溢的小情人
You make me smile with my heart你让我开心欢笑
Your looks are laughable你的面容可笑
Un photographable 无法捕捉
Yet you're my favorite work of art 你却是我最钟爱的艺术品
Is your figure less than Greek 你的面庞比希腊人清瘦
Is your mouth a little weak 当你开口说话时
When you open it to speak 你的嘴唇有点单薄
Are you smart? 你可知道?
Don't change a hair for me 不要为我改变发型
Not if you care for me 如果在意我,就千万不要
Stay little Valentine 永远保持年轻
Each day is valentine's day 每天都是情人节