The Big Finale

Lyricist: Glenn Slater & Christopher Lennertz    Composer: Glenn Slater & Christopher Lennertz

There's a child for every doll
But I guess that’s not quite true
There won't be one for me, no
Or for you, or you, or you
I can't believe it’s over and Lou'll get his way
Even dreamers have to wake up
Guess today, we'll be the

Show 'em who you are
Show 'em that you're strong
Show 'em that you know where you belong
Open every door on your destiny

Look down deep in your heart
And believe in the you that you see
Then become what you are
And you'll set yourself free

Soon us Uglies were hanging with our opposites
And we pretty dolls embrace all our messy bits
Though we’re not truly perfect, so what? (Woah)
We just couldn’t be better

Now the portal is permanently open wide
You can go be with your child on the other side
Then come back once the kid hits the sack (Woah)
Life just couldn't be better

Don’t sweat, don't sweat, don't worry, don't fear
Stop the press, ’cause the canine's here
But this old dog has learned a new trick
Being ugly is better than slick

See ugly is different, ugly is unique
Just keepin' it real when you feel like a freak
So face it, embrace it, follow your bless
It doesn't get better than this

Yeah, it's a mixed up life in an inside-out world
But it all couldn't be any clearer
We may be pinstriped, checkered, or polka dot swirled
But we love what we see in the mirror
And it's a nonstop blast of awesome ugliness
It's amazing, you bet, but there's something much better
So amazing and yet it gets even much better
There's one thing, there's one thing that's better