I'm Glad There Is You

Lyricist:     Composer: Jimmy Dorsey/Paul Mertz

said I many times, love is illusion,
a feeling result of confusion
with knowing smile and blasé sigh,
a cymical so and so, am I

I feel so sure, so positive,
so utterly unchangeably certain
though I never was aware of loving you
'til I suddenly realised there was love in you and oh...

in this world of ordinary people...
extraordinary people,
I'm glad there is you

in this world of overrated pleasures
and underrated treasures,
I'm glad there is you.

I live to love,
I love to live with you beside me
this role, so new
I'll muddle through with you
if you'll guide me through.

in this world where many many play at love
and hardly any stay in love,
I'm glad there is you

more than ever, I'm glad there is you

said I many times, love is illusion...