Prayer For You (Interlude)

Lyricist: Usher    Composer: Usher

You're gonna Say something To the people?
A prayer for you
A prayer to you
Do I sound that bad?

Just a simple thought of you means everything to my life
You give meaning that you're the best thing
So precious like it for life that why I send you up this prayer
I pray for your protection your covering
That everything intended for you you'll receive
And I believe he'll guide, ya right out of my prayer

Prayer for you, a prayer to you
(I pray for you)
Prayer for you

I'll do my best to be there for you everyday
To be what my father wished he was to me

Baby, I got you
Daddy, you'll be there
I'll be there
To encourage you to be the best you can be
You carry my name
I pray that you're better than me

I ain't going no where
Even when I get on your nerves
'Cause I'm your daddy
My prayer for you
Son I pray for you