Kora Sings

Lyricist: Sampha    Composer: Sampha

There's no one here for miles
It's just me in the burning sun
It's just me, myself and my gun
Remembering the times
Oh grapes on the vines
But with family, I
I don't have the time
The time to be questioning life
You just gotta be there

A mother needs her sons
Oh she needs them near
We don't have to talk
I just need you here
But if you go away
Please don't disappear
The heat is making light
Of a heavy year

I really hope there's rainfall
My hands together looking at the stars
I really hope there's angels
Because the world is turning, turning way too fast
She says she can't turn tables
Well I say you don't know how wrong you are
Or just how strong you are
You don't know how strong you are

A pillow on your face soaking up those tears
Who's anyone to say you should have no fear?
A mouth full of smoke really made things clear
You've been with me since the cradle
You've been with me, you're my angel
Please don't you disappear