Full Track

  1. Let It Go (From "Frozen")
  2. You Got a Friend in Me (From "Toy Story")
  3. Monsters Inc (From "Monsters Inc")
  4. Do You Want to Build a Snowman (From "Frozen")
  5. Test Drive (From "How to Train Your Dragon")
  6. Married Life (From "Up")
  7. When She Loved Me (From "Toy Story 2")
  8. The Time of Your Life (From "Bugs Life")
  9. Opening Travel Music (From "Ice Age")
  10. Despicable Me (From "Despicable Me")
  11. We Belong Together (From "Toy Story 3")
  12. Adventure Calling (From "The Incredibles")
  13. Zurg's Planet (From "Toy Story 2")
  14. Everything Is Awesome!!! (From "The Lego Movie")
  15. Monsters Mojo (From "Monsters vs Aliens")
  16. Fairytale (From "Shrek")
  17. Take You to Rio (From "Rio")
  18. Raining Sunshine (From "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs")
  19. Learn Me Right (From "Brave")
  20. Roar (From "Monsters University")
  21. Down to Earth (From "Wall E")
  22. The Glory Days (From "The Incredibles")
  23. I Like to Move It (From "Madagascar")
  24. Kung Fu Fighting (From "Kung Fu Panda")
  25. Ratatouille (From "Ratatouille")
  26. When Can I See You Again? (From "Wreck It Ralph")
  27. First Day (From "Finding Nemo")
  28. Boo's Going Home (From "Monsters Inc")
  29. Dumpling Warrior Remix (From "Kung Fu Panda 2")
  30. Happy (From "Despicable Me 2")
  31. Touch the Sky (From "Brave")
  32. All That You Are (From "How to Train Your Dragon 2")
  33. What Is Love (From "Rio 2")
  34. Shine Your Way (From "The Croods")
  35. Giant Blue Head (From "Megamind")
  36. Life Is a Highway (From "Cars")
  37. I See the Light (From "Tangled")
  38. Monsters University (From "Monsters University")
  39. Wow (From "Finding Nemo")
  40. You Might Think (From "Cars 2")
  41. Graduation (From "Bee Movie")

Touch the Sky (From "Brave")

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