TeknoAXE Discography

What the Strat What the Strat 2023/04/27 We Take It All Back We Take It All Back 2021/12/18 Concrete Rose Concrete Rose 2021/07/28 Space Rancher Space Rancher 2021/07/28 Lucky 13 Lucky 13 2021/07/28 Auto Grind Auto Grind 2021/07/28 Interceptor Interceptor 2021/07/15 Dominator Dominator 2021/07/15 Heat Grind Heat Grind 2021/07/15 Waypoint R Waypoint R 2021/07/15 Heart Valve Heart Valve 2021/07/07 Meadow Quest Meadow Quest 2021/07/07 Hello Robo Hello Robo 2021/07/07 Friday Funk Friday Funk 2021/07/07 Laid Back Pop Anthem Laid Back Pop Anthem 2021/07/07 Lost in the Ether Lost in the Ether 2021/07/07 Lost in the Zen Room Lost in the Zen Room 2021/07/07 Machine Learning Machine Learning 2021/07/07 Lounge of Fuzz Lounge of Fuzz 2021/07/07 Nu Baritone Nu Baritone 2021/07/07