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Pets are family, friends, miracle babies. They are original, but they are special in your eyes. Since they already walk, eat and bathe with you, so naturally, they can also listen to music with you! Enjoy their sweet and warm companionship every day!


貓咪共和國   03:37
阿猫想要来撒娇 (Meow Meow)   04:51
愛我就給我   05:20
喵电感应 (Meow Telepathy)   03:15
陪着你 (Be There for You)   05:10
爱从未离开 (Love Never Left)
苏运莹, 邓典, 江美琪, Shawn杨尚融, 欧阳娜娜, 林奕匡, 黄绮珊, 周汤豪, 陈瑾缃 Allyson, 戴爱玲, 许钧, 泳恩Joannne, 李聪, 蔡佩轩, CORE ONE, 文兆杰, 陈明憙, 隔壁团乐队, 冰块先生, 郑茵声, 田燚, 黄妍, 郑心慈 - 爱从未离开 (Love Never Left)
五妹娘   02:36
小时候的我们 (When We Were Young)   03:27
我只在乎你 (I Only Care About You)   04:29
你对我好好 (You're So Good to Me)   03:26
Tonight I'm Here   04:49
早鸟 (Rising)   04:00
i GO 03:07
狼與狽   03:43
Running   03:32
一直走 (Go)   03:19
欠处理 (You Asking For It) 03:26
心丝虫 (Heartworm)   03:09
左岸,右转   04:52
走了嗎     03:48
慢走不送 (Off You Go) 04:11
我很快乐 (I'm Happy)   04:57
乖猫 (Guai Mao) - Album Version   03:31
走到飞   04:36
摩天动物园 (City Zoo)   04:30
不死鸟之歌 (Phoenix) 03:45
That's Why I Like You   03:33
鞋猫夫人,Madame!!   05:32
陪你的貓睡午覺   03:39
半生缘(我们在这里相遇) (Half a Lifelong Romance: Here Is Where We Meet)   04:40
我的爱   03:43
幸福藏在哪里 (The hidden happiness) - 天堂的微笑片头曲   05:01
因为你爱我 (Yin Wei Ni Ai Wo) - OT: As Love Begins to Mend   05:48
灰狼 (Grey Wolf)   03:23
假朋友真兄弟 (FFRH) 04:44
有你的快乐 (You Ni De Quai Le)   03:15
飞 (Fly)   04:03
为你幸福过的我 (Once Happy With You) - 电视剧「用九柑仔店」插曲   04:38
馬子狗(feat. 玖壹壹)   03:31
談戀愛前不如先養貓 (feat. 沈以誠)   03:51