Pleasure Ryland



Lyricist: Ryland Blackinton    Composer: Ryland Blackinton/Patrick Stump

You know I try to get close to you.
You don’t realize what you’re puttin’ me through.
The things I do, and I do ‘em for you
And I don’t mean to seem presumptuous.
But I feel when you’re looking at me.
Don’t hesitate if you like what you see.
Don’t be afraid ‘cause I’m setting you free
Is my philosophy.

You know I see you walkin’ the street,
You don’t look back and you don’t miss a beat.
My heart, it breaks when you get on your knees.
Oh, won’t you let me take you home?
That you know I’ma take care of you.
You say you got my baby but I know it ain’t true.
G-A-B-E is comin’ for you
Is my philosophy.