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Lyricist: 姚謙     Composer: shunza

美丽情节 谁吻了白雪公主 在那一天深夜
他何时会出现 还是已经出现 也许又要失眠
在某一天 我将会远远看见 Thank god it's you
我的世界 已做好了准备 等待你来改变
生命里面 许多滋味 等待挖掘
谁能证明 属于我的美丽 Oh! I love him so
我也愿意 用未来陪伴著你 就算到世界边缘
Oh!在某一天 我将会远远看见 Thank god it's you
Oh!我的世界 已做好了准备 等待你来改变 Oh~
生命里面 许多滋味 等待挖掘
Hey, good-lookin', what's up, it's you girl
I realize you be straight rockin' my world
You give my life that extra feel
God, is this too good to be for real?
Dragon flies fly by me right into the light
Keep me company throughtout the night
I wish that we could be together all the time
Sugar, I know I just can't get you off my mind
Take it on 2, swing your hips on 3
Gotta dance, gotta jam, I just gotta to be me
You bring out the best, ya give me all that I need
Close my eyes, I see your sweet dreams, sweet dream