Wearing White

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v( ̄︶ ̄)y

Phones were ringing, tongues were wagging
Hot gossip was flying all around town
She heard the talk, the lowdown was
The shameless color of her wedding gown

It's white
I mean really who's she trying to kid
Everybody knows the things she did
It just isn't right
Won't that be a sight
To see her wearing white

She was wild, a wayward child
To put it mildly she made her life a mess
But she was young, the past is done
Now she's in love and putting on a new dress

It's white
And it's nobody's business what she wears
Anyway the truth is she don't care
Baby it's her life she'll do what she likes
And she likes wearing white

v( ̄︶ ̄)y

He's all nerves when he sees her
As far as he's concerned
She's an angel

In white
He just can't believe that she is his
What a crazy miracle this is
Who she was he don't mind
'Cause on their wedding night
She'll be wearing white

She'll be wearing white
She'll be wearing white