Vino De Amor

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Vino de amor from the magical vine.
Once you' ve taken a sip
Of that sweet summer wine,
you'll be lost in its spell.
Then I know you'll be mine.
So let's drink to el vino de amor.
Vino de amor and the taste of your lips
Leave a heavenly glow when I have stolen a kiss.
It's a moment in time like a total eclipse.
So let's drink to el vino de amor.

As evening falls you are here in my arms.
And the sound of the sea is like a million guitars.
We'll lie beneath the blanket of stars.
And we'll drink el vino de amor.

We've tasted love on a warm starry night.
As I look in your eyes in the soft morning light.
Now I'll never forget such a beautiful sight.
Here's a toast to el vino de amor.