Drink'n Dance



Lyricist: Serrini   Composer: Serrini

編曲:Ron Cheung
監製:Ron Cheung

Taxi drivers swearing slangs
The dusty street a vulgar man
Give me your cigarette and sweat
Damn this city and screw the rest

Breathe that jouissance on my hands
Them boring souls don't understand
Tell me she's your second best
Kiss me to your heart's content

Come drink and dance
What's wrong with that
Just drink and dance
Cos this is our promised land

Hungry for a sweet caress
The city's sitting on my chest
A hasty glance from you I snatched
Why flutter so, you quiet man

Pick up all your scattered plans
Do what your ego recommends
Tears these days don't worth a cent
Drink this portion and screw the rest

Vertigo works its best
Rock the whole world till it cracks
Intoxication works right here so
Baby don't be sad

Drink and dance, till the end
Drink and dance, while we can
You know what I'm up for now
So baby just drink and dance