Evanescence (伊凡塞斯) Discography

Across The Universe Across The Universe 2021/12/17 The Bitter Truth The Bitter Truth 2021/03/26 Better Without You Better Without You 2021/03/05 Yeah Right Yeah Right 2020/12/04 Use My Voice Use My Voice 2020/08/14 The Game Is Over The Game Is Over 2020/07/01 Wasted On You Wasted On You 2020/04/24 The Chain The Chain 2019/11/22 Synthesis Live Synthesis Live 2018/12/14 Synthesis (重組合成) Synthesis (重組合成) 2017/11/10 Lacrymosa Lacrymosa 2017/10/27 Imperfection Imperfection 2017/09/15 Bring Me to Life - Synthesis Bring Me to Life - Synthesis 2017/08/18 Lost Whispers Lost Whispers 2016/01/01 Lost in Paradise Lost in Paradise 2012/05/25 Evanescence - Deluxe Version Evanescence - Deluxe Version 2011/01/01 Evanescence Evanescence 2011/01/01 Together Again Together Again 2010/01/01 The Open Door The Open Door 2009/09/11 Fallen Fallen 2009/09/11