SpaceCycle: 2018 Celiné Dion

SpaceCycle: 2018 Celiné Dion


Playlist description

一首「My Heart Will Go On」讓全世界的男男女女為鐵達尼哭泣;
一首「The Power of Love」讓她成為愛的力量女神!
一首「All By Myself」讓所有單身的BJ們一起大聲合唱;
一首「Because You Loved Me」讓妳證明自己曾經愛過;

她是「Celiné Dion」在我們的記憶裡,一定會個故事的主題曲是由她主唱,因為她是獨一無二的世紀天后「Celiné Dion 席琳狄翁」!
大家所熟知的VIno老師要帶領大家,一起進入「Celiné Dion」的世界,一起感受情感的最深處,一起來跟著Vino來場最深刻的情感交流吧!


My Heart Will Go On - Love Theme from "Titanic"     04:41
Ashes - from "Deadpool 2" Motion Picture Soundtrack 03:19
The Power of Love   05:42
Because You Loved Me (Theme from "Up Close and Personal")   04:33
Tell Him (Duet with Barbra Streisand)     04:52
All By Myself - New Edit - 2008     05:10
It's All Coming Back To Me Now   07:37
I'm Alive   03:30
To Love You More - Radio Edit     04:41
I'm Your Angel - Celine Dion, R. Kelly)   05:30
Beauty And The Beast (OMPST)   04:04
That's the Way It Is   04:01
Céline Dion - Recovering
Loved Me Back to Life   03:50
A New Day Has Come   05:41
Think Twice   04:48
I Surrender - Album Version   04:47
Love Can Move Mountains   04:00
I Drove All Night   04:00
Treat Like A Lady   04:04
Taking Chances(為愛冒險)   04:03
Immortality - with Bee Gees   04:11
Encore un soir - Album Version   04:23
Je ne vous oublie pas - inédit     03:35
Tout l'or des hommes     02:59
Sous le vent     03:30