Club Unicorn 歷年精選

Club Unicorn 歷年精選


Playlist description



Battle! Wild Pokemon (From "Pokemon Go")     01:22
We Are the Crystal Gems (From "Steven Universe")     02:31
Connie (From "Steven Universe")     01:35
End Credits Theme (From "Star v.s the Forces of Evil")     00:30
We Know the Way (From "Moana") [Music Box]     01:19
How Far I'll Go ("From Moana") [Music Box]     01:07
Love Like You (From "Steven Universe")     00:52
You're Welcome (From "Moana")     02:00
Theme of King J.J. (From "Yuri on Ice")     03:33
What's the Use of Feeling Blue? (From "Steven Universe")     01:48
Where You Are (From "Moana")     03:02
I'm Still Here (From "Steven Universe")     01:11
Blood Moon Waltz (From "Star vs the Forces of Evil")     02:12
Undertale (Orchestra)     02:13
I'm from Another Dimension (From "Star vs. the Forces of Evil") [Instrumental]     00:43
Duck Tales (Instrumental)     01:07
The Ballad of Star Butterfly (From "Star vs the Forces of Evil")     03:32
BBRae (From "Teen Titans Go!")     01:37
Build Our Machine (From "Bendy and the Ink Machine")     03:37
Sketches (From "Bendy and the Ink Machine")     01:20
Get Schwifty (From "Rick and Morty")     01:02
Head Bent Over (From "Rick and Morty")     00:53
Human Music (From "Rick and Morty")     01:54
After All (From "Steven Universe")     03:39
Rick and Morty Theme     01:00
For the Damaged Coda (From "Rick and Morty")     02:31
Don't Deal with the Devil (From "Cuphead")     00:32
Floral Fury (From "Cuphead")     03:06
Un Poco Loco (From "Coco")     01:25
Recuérdame (From "Coco")     02:24
El Latido de mi Corazón (From "Coco")     01:55
La Llorona (From "Coco")     01:29
Remember Me (From "Coco")     02:24
Goodbye Moonmen (From "Rick and Morty")     02:10
This Is Me (From "The Greatest Showman")     03:04
Never Enough (From "The Greatest Showman")     03:12
Rewrite the Stars (From "The Greatest Showman")     03:11
A Million Dreams (From "The Greatest Showman")     04:16
The Greatest Show (From "The Greatest Showman")     02:26
Tightrope (From "The Greatest Showman")     03:37
From Now On (From "The Greatest Showman")     04:12
Infinity War (From "Avengers: Infinity War")     02:29
That Distant Shore (From "Steven Universe")     01:42
You and Me (But Mostly Me) [from "The Book of Mormon"]     02:32
OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes     00:29
Shallow (From "A Star Is Born")     03:37
Look What I Found (From "A Star Is Born")     02:58
Always Remember Us This Way (From "A Star Is Born")     03:07
The Place Where Lost Things Go (From "Mary Poppins Returns")     03:02
Into the Unknown (From "Frozen 2")     03:00