A STAR IS BORN《一個巨星的誕生》歌曲精選

A STAR IS BORN《一個巨星的誕生》歌曲精選


Playlist description

讓我們來享受Bradley Cooper與Lady Gaga完美無瑕的合作吧!


Black Eyes   03:03
La Vie En Rose   02:59
Maybe It's Time   02:39
Out Of Time     02:52
Alibi   03:03
Shallow   03:35
Music To My Eyes   03:19
Diggin' My Grave   03:57
Always Remember Us This Way   03:30
Look What I Found   02:55
Heal Me   03:16
I Don't Know What Love Is   02:57
Is That Alright?   03:11
Why Did You Do That?   03:04
Hair Body Face   03:22
Before I Cry   04:18
Too Far Gone   01:26
I'll Never Love Again - Film Version   04:41
I'll Never Love Again - Extended Version   05:28