Best of How To Train Your Dragon Soundtracks - {馴龍高手三部曲}電影原聲帶精選

Best of How To Train Your Dragon Soundtracks - {馴龍高手三部曲}電影原聲帶精選

Alyss C.

Playlist description

馴龍高手三部曲 電影原聲帶
Music by John Powell
It is one of the most epic/extraordinary soundtracks of all time that has inspired me to start listening to movie soundtracks!
Enjoy the beautiful melody brought by the trilogy; hope you love it as much as I do.


This Is Berk - From "How To Train Your Dragon"     04:10
Forbidden Friendship     04:11
New Tail     02:48
See You Tomorrow     03:53
Test Drive     02:36
Romantic Flight     01:56
Where's Hiccup?     02:44
Where No One Goes   02:44
Valka's Dragon Sanctuary     03:18
Flying with Mother     02:48
Stoick's Ship     03:47
Into a Fantasy (From "How to Train Your Dragon 2")   03:32
Third Date     06:48
New 'New Tail'     01:28
Furies in Love     03:03
The Hidden World     05:16
As Long as He's Safe     06:29
Once There Were Dragons     05:45
Together from Afar (How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World)   03:17