Lyricist: mili    Composer: mili
Ever since I was young
I had a dream that I will be living in a castle
Made out of chocolate and cake
What a sweet sweet dream it was
The walls will be marble chocolate bars
The roof will be milk chocolate cigars
The pool will be caramel chocolate blizzard
Sprinkled with sugar powder
Let’s make it come true
Delicious imagination cannot be wasted
Oompa Loompa Doom
Sing the magical song while stirring in whipping cream
Tempering tempering
Vanilla extract certainly adds in aroma
Grated heart
With that enchanted formula the castle soon will be complete
The garden is chocolate gelatin
The trees are chocolate apples on sticks
The flowers are piña colada syrup
Pumped in minty chocolate eggs
The couch is dark chocolate macaron
The bed is comfy chocolate sponge cake
Looks like someone’s at the door
Hello, how are you
Would you like to join
Jump down to the slide
Banana split with extra bitter chocolate lava
Bounce on the playground
Exotic açaí juice dipped in condensed chocolate stream
Let’s make this our secret base
When you are with me I forget all of my sorrows
Take my heart
This is our new home
We will live happily ever after
Crunch crumble crackle
The castle’s breaking apart
Trembling trembling
You’re slowly eating up our dreamyard
Nibbling nibbling
Without hesitation
You ate it all
My hopes my dreams my castle my imagination
You ate it all
My tears my sweat my blood my hard work my time my faith my trust
You ate our chocolate castle
And when you’re done you left to search for new delicacy
You shred my heart
However I am not angry at all ‘cause I’m chocological