On and On

Lyricist: Jeremy Quartus・Ryan Octaviano    Composer: Jeremy Quartus・Kent.Aro

(On and On…)
It's a one fine day
空いた two cups of coffee テーブルに並んで
You with the smile and he's on his way

まるで dipping a cookie into a glass of milk
余韻の中を swim 侵食していく
Hey girl 上の空 in your head さっきの hug and kiss

I see the happiness I smell the joy
I hear the love without a noise
過ぎてく日々 彩るには I hope it's enough

寄り添うように lie down
これ見せたら I bet you can knock him down

Pinch of your love… (On and On…)

It's a one fine day
空いた one cup of tea テーブルも寂しげ
No smiles on you and he's away

閉ざされた ears 通り越してく BGM
The love is not an easy game
Hey girl 僕の声は聞こえてますか?

I see the sadness I smell the tears
I hear the love is going away
閉ざされたまま壊された keyhole
引き裂かれた your heart まだ見れない end roll

Don't worry he'll be back
Lift up your face I wanna see your smile
Next morning 試しに入れてみ
やっと慣れたblack coffee

それを 2cups… (On and On…)

See I was right
He came back as your light
to make the darkness shine so bright
That smile you make is the answer

You should be with him… (On and On…)