Too Proud

Lyricist: Hikaru Utada    Composer: Hikaru Utada

I don't know… what do you think?
I guess I'm not saying what I really think
What if I did?
I don't wanna be rejected
Well, I guess I reject you all the time
So what am I saying?
What if we pretend that one of us will die tomorrow?
Or that we're strangers
Would that change things?

「おやすみ」のあと向けられる背を 互道晚安後 背對背
見て思い出す動物園の動物 看上去令人想起動物園裡的動物
寝食を共にし始めて何年 一起吃飯睡覺多少年
触れられない案件 卻彼此無法接觸的例子

己を慰める術の 自我安慰的伎倆
日に日に増していくことよ 日新月益呀
踊る阿呆に見る阿呆 跳舞的傻瓜 觀賞的傻瓜
たまには踊らにゃ損損 偶爾一起跳舞吧

あり過ぎても良くないけど 極端不太好
まるっきし無いのもどうなの 但平淡無奇又如何
必要なものは必要 需要的東西就是需要
今日を乗り切る為だけの 就突破今天
プライド 需要尊嚴

But I'm too proud
Too proud

側に居る人よりも 比起身旁的人
知らない人の視線 我更想接觸的
触れられたいだけ 是陌生人的視線

Yo .. She don't love me like the way she used to love me, whoa
It's like I get too close and she refuse to hug me, oh
Look, she ain't really affectionate
She just wants some time alone
Why you deleting all your messages?
What you hiding on your phone?
No, I don't trust your honesty
Love is cursed by monogamy
Don't keep swiping right
You might see something you won't wanna see
It's okay to say that you needed your own space
If I give you that green light
There's no excuses for breaks
But wait, one thing I gotta say
I'm so done by the games
See you changed, I can see it in your face
You're so set up in your ways
See, it's strange
How I gotta take the blame
When I'm the one that's in the rain
Yo, all these tears keep falling on me
No more late nights calling on me, no
I hope you see how hard it is without me
Coz we gon have to learn to set new boundaries
I fell into your tears and let it drown me
Coz I'm too proud to be too proud
I say it proudly

プライド、プライド 自尊 自尊
But I'm too proud
Too proud