A Turtle's Heart

Lyricist: Mili    Composer: Mili

Monday is a rainy day
And I stay inside letting time pass away
Tuesday it is quite the same
So I daydream about moments of shame

Life goes around and round
I've stumbled and stopped moving on
Turn around and I realized
That I have been left behind

In a tiny tiny tiny tiny cubicle
There lives a whiny whiny whiny cowardly turtle
In twenty thirty forty fifty sixty years
My heart won't die no matter how hard I try

Today is a lonely day
I pretend that I really liked it this way
Tomorrow will stay the same
I can't even remember your name

You're around no more
No more
Though this love of mine
It just won't stop

No body body body body to support
My heavy heavy heavy but empty shell
But I'm not lazy lazy lazy lazy anymore
Oh darling can't you see
I've grown so much more
Maybe maybe maybe you've forgiven me
Oh but darling darling darling you have to make sure
To stab me pierce me hurt me kill me thoroughly
You see
My heart won't die but I really tried