Unchained Melody

Lyricist: William Stirrat/ Hy Zaret    Composer: William Stirrat/ Hy Zaret 1936

Unchained Melody (奔放的旋律)

電影(Ghost) 第六感生死戀主題曲1990 film
"Unchained Melody" is one of the most recorded songs of the 20th
century, by some counts having spawned over 500 versions. The
lyrics, which describe a prisoner, are anguished longing for his wife.

Lonely rivers flow to the sea to the sea孤獨的河流流入大海
To the open arms of the sea yeah奔向大海的懷抱
Lonely rivers sigh wait for me wait for me
I'll be coming home wait for me等候我我即將回家

Oh my love my darling哦我的愛我的愛人
I've hungered hungered for your touch我渴望妳的愛撫
A long lonely time一段長期孤獨的時光
And time goes by so slowly時間如此緩慢流逝
Time can do so much時光荏苒物換星移
Are you still mine妳是否依然屬於我
I ne-ed your love我需要妳的愛
Who I, Who I need your love我需要我需要妳的愛
God speed your love to me上帝加速妳對我的愛
Me me me me me ---妳對我的愛