New For You

Lyricist: Reeve Carney    Composer: Reeve Carney

I can't forget you I can't deny
If I surrendered you'll hold me never let go
Your love's a memory moving as one
My heart's a secret under your tongue
Crying forever deep in your eyes

Always victims of you and her
They must fly into the taillight under the truth
Where everything's new for you
And I would die a thousand deaths
But to defend your happiness
Yours is like a wave upon an open shore
Every time you fall I only want you more
If virtues and the suffering of the heart I know
All of the children sent form the sky

Our life was a shadow until I knew
That sorrow's a sadness crying for you
I stand defenseless in your eyes
Strong give me your love I will love
When you're not everything changes everything's new
Even I'm new for you