Be Affected - 電視動畫<學園BASARA>主題曲

Lyricist: Fear, and Loathing in Las Vegas    Composer: Fear, and Loathing in Las Vegas

Not a thing, not a thing will change in this world
Yourself, others,
and the results are all affected by each other
[which makes the shape of this world]

There's only one element of your own will
What you have in mind now Your humanity
Do you think they could have [been what they are]

Just scare for now
Yeah uh nah yeah

[No such life that can live by itself
All lives and things are linked with each other
Thanks to this world]

[Yourself and ego are actually being affected]
by what is around making it as what it is now
[Your thoughts, the results that come from it]
They're gonna be all granted by what is around you

the things in this world
[oh this world]

Being given our lives Being educated
Being fed being fed
Encountering people
They make us what we are today
All being made up by fate

Just scare for now
Yeah uh nah yeah
We are given our lives