10-Dimensional (十維度) - English Version

Lyricist: 童仲宇    Composer: 血肉果汁機

How do I control the fate of the human race?
I'd fuck you all, no doubt. Here we go!
Grandpa, grandpa, are we the wise one in the world?
Grandma, grandma, are we here to serve the Lord?
They say~ without love and peace the nature will take you down.
Just feel, feel the presence of the souls in the wild,
If you open your heart, you will feel, that they are watching, they are whispering in your ears.
For all that has a soul, sense of feeling.
Show some mercy to all and respect em all.
Only humans kill humans and the life of others'
Only humans thinks that they are the ones that matters.
うるさい (Shut the fuck up)
Oh god! They keep on killing, keep on building, keep on shitting,
the world's dying, it's all just for the 'ring'.
Sauron, he locked us in the lowest chakra, greed lured us on to kill the whole world.
There is nothing left to say, 'cause everything happens for a reason
快精神咱欲到阿 欲到彼你講的真實的世界 欲到彼你捌夢過的所在
恁攏是我的乖仔孫 陪伴恁到海枯石爛 天地崩
Sorry ma~ I'm sorry…
It seems like our mother is withering from the fallen ones.
It seems like the world is dying from the diseases that we created.
All you know is to take, yet to give.
What you do is not what you said.
Who are you, the man in the mirror .
The twenty first century is built with bodies.
你到底當做你是誰 當時欲放遮煞
尊重生命欲按怎寫 你袂曉我嘛無意外
嘿 對恁啊 已經無話講
嘿 對恁啊 心頭真正凝