Grandpa's Space Ship
Bobby Tarantino II

Grandpa's Space Ship

Lyricist: Logic    Composer: Logic

Morty: Hey, uh, Grandpa Rick, can we maybe... maybe I can pick what we listen to next? You know... we've been in this ship for like three hours now

Rick: Well, Morty, that entirely depends on whether or not you have the mental capacity to pick something I would be willing to listen to

Morty: Well, what about Logic?

Rick: Logic?

Morty: You're not fuckin' with Logic? Bro? You know what I'm talkin' about?

Rick: Morty, calm down, of course, I love Logic. Who doesn't like Logic? You gotta be a fuckin' idiot if you don't like Logic. But the question is, what "Logic" are we talkin' about here?

Morty: What do you mean?

Rick: Well are we talkin' about mixtape Logic or album Logic?

Morty: What does it matter? I mean Logic is Logic

Rick: Morty, it matters very much

Morty: I don't know, Rick, I mean... album Logic?

Rick: Ugh, Morty I'm sorry, I'm gonna have to decline a request

Morty: What? Grandpa Rick, are you saying you don't like Logic albums?

Rick: Morty, if that's what I was trying to say, I would have said it. Don't come at me like a little punk ass motherfucker, don't try to come at me, Morty. I'm saying that he's got a plethora of music that varies from mood to mood, Morty. Okay? And I'm saying that I'm in the mood to turn some shit up, Morty. I'm not in the mood for a message about how I can be whatever I want or oohhh you know like equality and everybody and all that shit, alright? Just wanna hear some fuckin'... about titties, throwin' stacks on some ass, you know, just some good old fuckin' ATL style club rap, Morty

Morty: Geez, Rick, I mean, Logic he turns stuff up on his albums too, Rick, you know? He turns shit up

Rick: Morty, shut up. I'm simply implying, you know, I want some shit I can turn up on this ride to Clazabar planet in sector G9, okay

Morty: Alright, geez, okay

Rick: So, you know, so, meet me in the middle, Morty. Give me some of that Bobby Tarantino shit. You're talking about Logic, you know and I'm talking about that titty rap. Jus- why don't we meet in the middle with some Bobby Tarantino, you know. I need it, just need to hear it, it's pretty good

Morty: Yeah, you know I agree with you Rick, here I'm gonna throw this Bobby Tarantino shit in

Rick: Yeah, drop that shit, drop that shit, Morty! Drop that shit in my fucking spaceship, Spaceship!

Spaceship: Yes, Rick?

Rick: Uh, play Bobby Tarantino