Unidentified Flavourful Object

Lyricist: momocashew    Composer: Mili

Melting caramel drizzled over my baked custard pudding
Softly embraces my taste buds
Deliciously Maple syrup covered recipe

Lulala lilulila Curled up under my blanket
Lulala lilulila Made out of fluffy omelette
So many flavours to explore I have to eat more

Candied ginger slices in between your rosy lips
One kiss is not enough for my sweet sweet tooth

Your eyes flicker like marbled champagne
With pomegranate tea and dreams
A little bit spice
A little bit salt
A little bit sugar to top it all
Rosemary cardamom anise
The flavours you taught me puts me at ease
Love melts in my mouth
Dissolves my doubt
Paprika and parsley
Dance with me now
No matter how far you go
I'll always let you know

Kristi vechuna es tilia
Hon deli e kasum ciella
Lihie hanx ne tellehe
Ccuccu ni ha quatrolle he

That every moment I've spent with you is an everlasting view
I'll shape my thoughts into little cubes
And dip them in chocolate fondue
Across the sea and the land and the breeze
I bet that you're feeling lonely
You must be hungry waiting for me

Me With you And me
Together Have faith in me
Engine powered by bitter memories
Penetrate time and space
I'm flying across milky way
So don't be late

Lulala lilulila
Lulala lilulila
Vanilla cloves cinnamon flavoured apple pie spaceship

Lulala lilulila Black cherry flavoured redshift
Lulala lilulila Raspberry flavoured blueshift
Lulala lilulila The land of tasty memories
Lulala lilulila Lilutata