By Myself

Lyricist: Jesse Harris & Maya Hawke    Composer: Jesse Harris & Maya Hawke

I pulled you around the balcony
To break a hive you couldn’t see
And buzzed for your big mouth to feed
On honey that ran out of me
To choose you

And I’m playing with my self

I talked in rings to turn your spine
Loosing memory of mine
But standing in a sturdy line
Doing all I can to
Confuse you

And I’m talking to myself

And I prefer my dreams of you
To anything you’d ever do
So please don’t play or talk or move
Before I have the chance to
Abuse you

And I’m dreaming of myself

I play caliban in bed
Turn my mind out
Bang my head
So I forget what you said
That I’ll wind up dead before
I bruise you

And I’m beating up myself
I'm beating up myself

Woe is me I’m black and blue
At least I always tell the truth