Get Me Some of That
Country Songs You Remember
Various Artists

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  1. God Bless the USA (Live)
  2. A Life That's Good
  3. American Made (Live)
  4. Black Roses (From the Nashville Show)
  5. Midnight Rider
  6. Hot Rod Lincoln
  7. Bottoms Up (Tonight Is Bottoms Up)
  8. Aw Naw (Dance Remix)
  9. Wagon Wheel
  10. Green Sally, Up
  11. Jukebox Blues
  12. Take Me Home, Country Roads
  13. Don't Put Dirt on My Grave Just Yet
  14. Down Where the Tradewinds Blow
  15. Cow Cow Boogie
  16. Pistol Packin' Mama
  17. Golden Wildwood Flower
  18. Sail On
  19. Alabama Bound
  20. Big Rock Candy Mountain (From "O Brother Where Art Thou")
  21. This Land Is Your Land
  22. Tom Dooley
  23. Feudin' Banjos
  24. There's a Chill on the Hill Tonight
  25. Highwayman (Re-Recorded)
  26. Tennessee Stud
  27. The Legend of the Robin's Red Breast
  28. Take This Job and Shove It (Re-Recorded)
  29. Don't Lie, Buddy
  30. Where Have the Wild Blackberries Gone?
  31. Blue Suede Shoes
  32. That's What Makes the Jukebox Play
  33. Old Hen
  34. (How Much Is) That Hound Dog in the Window
  35. Chattanoogie Shoe Shine Boy
  36. I Ain't Leavin' Without Your Love (Originally Performed by Sam Palladio & Chaley Rose) [Instrumental Version]
  37. Double Trouble
  38. I'm Walking the Dog
  39. Sugarfoot Rag
  40. It Ain't Easy Being Easy (Re-Recorded)
  41. Slow Poke
  42. Let Me Go (Originally Performed by Gary Barlow) [Instrumental Version]
  43. Believing
  44. Last Days in Georgia
  45. If You've Got the Money, I've Got the Time
  46. Eadie
  47. 16th Avenue (Re-Recorded)
  48. I Ain't Leavin' Without Your Love
  49. Texas Bound
  50. When the Roses Bloom Again
  51. John Henry
  52. I Forgot More Than You'll Ever Know
  53. Waterloo
  54. Get Me Some of That
  55. Satin Sheets (Re-Recorded)
  56. Whiskey River (Live)
  57. Stay (Originally Performed by Florida Georgia Line) [Dance Remix]
  58. A Jukebox and a Country Song (Re-Recorded)
  59. Streets of Laredo
  60. A Life That's Good (Originally Performed by Nashville Cast & Lennon & Maisy) [Instrumental Version]
  61. The Wall
  62. Black Roses (Originally Performed by Nashville Cast & Clare Bowen) [Instrumental Version]
  63. Jacob's Ladder (Re-Recorded)
  64. Are You Ever Gonna Love Me (Re-Recorded)
  65. Unsigned Letter (Originally Performed by Garth Brooks aka Chris Gaines) [Karaoke Version]
  66. Why Baby Why
  67. Good Old Boys (Re-Recorded)
  68. Believing (Originally Performed by Charles Esten & Lennon & Maisy) [Instrumental Version]
  69. I Let the Stars Get in My Eyes
  70. Two Doors Down (Re-Recorded)
  71. Red River Valley
  72. Bottoms Up (Instrumental Version)
  73. Darlene (Re-Recorded)
  74. Let Me Go
  75. Rose Garden (Re-Recorded)
  76. Drivin' My Life Away (Re-Recorded)
  77. It's Four in the Morning (Re-Recorded)
  78. I Loved 'Em Every One (Re-Recorded)
  79. Statue of a Fool (Re-Recorded)
  80. Hey, Joe!
  81. Okie from Muskogee (Live)
  82. Stand by Your Man (Re-Recorded)
  83. Unsigned Letter
  84. Get Your Kicks on Route 66 (Live)
  85. Tryin' to Beat the Morning Home (Re-Recorded)
  86. Hurt (Re-Recorded)
  87. Hello Walls (Re-Recorded)
  88. Don't Put Dirt on My Grave Just Yet (Originally Performed by Nashville Cast & Hayden Panettiere) [Instrumental Version]
  89. Misery Loves Company (Re-Recorded)
  90. Come as You Were (Re-Recorded)
  91. Give Me One More Chance (Re-Recorded)
  92. I'm a Ramblin Man (Re-Recorded)
  93. Walkin' After Midnight (Re-Recorded)
  94. Dream Baby (Re-Recorded)
  95. Only When I Love (Re-Recorded)
  96. Nightlife (Re-Recorded)
  97. Walk the World Like a Man
  98. Arkansas Traveller
  99. Somebody Special (Re-Recorded)
  100. The Lilies Grow High

Get Me Some of That

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