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  1. I Hate Everything - 50 Number Ones Version
  2. Fool Hearted Memory - Edit
  3. A Fire I Can't Put Out - Album Version
  4. You Look So Good In Love - Album Version
  5. Right Or Wrong - Album Version
  6. Let's Fall To Pieces Together - Edit
  7. Does Fort Worth Ever Cross Your Mind - Album Version
  8. The Chair - Album Version
  9. Nobody In His Right Mind Would've Left Her - Album Version
  10. It Ain't Cool To Be Crazy About You - Album Version
  11. Ocean Front Property - Edit
  12. All My Ex's Live In Texas - Album Version
  13. Am I Blue - Album Version
  14. Famous Last Words Of A Fool - Edit
  15. Baby Blue - Album Version
  16. If You Ain't Lovin' (You Ain't Livin') - Album Version
  17. Baby's Gotten Good At Goodbye - Edit
  18. What's Going On In Your World - Album Version
  19. Ace In The Hole - Album Version
  20. Love Without End, Amen - Album Version
  21. I've Come To Expect It From You - Album Version
  22. If I Know Me - Album Version
  23. You Know Me Better Than That - Album Version
  24. The Chill Of An Early Fall - Edit
  25. So Much Like My Dad - Album Version
  26. I Cross My Heart - Pure Country Soundtrack Version
  27. Heartland - Pure Country/Soundtrack Version
  28. Easy Come, Easy Go - Edit
  29. I'd Like To Have That One Back - Album Version
  30. The Man In Love With You - Album Version
  31. The Big One - Album Version
  32. You Can't Make A Heart Love Somebody - Edit
  33. Lead On - Album Version
  34. Check Yes Or No - Album Version
  35. I Know She Still Loves Me - Album Version
  36. Blue Clear Sky - Edit
  37. Carried Away - Edit
  38. I Can Still Make Cheyenne - Album Version
  39. One Night At A Time - Edit
  40. Carrying Your Love With Me - Edit
  41. Today My World Slipped Away - Album Version
  42. Round About Way - Album Version
  43. I Just Want To Dance With You - Album Version
  44. True - Edit
  45. We Really Shouldn't Be Doing This - Album Version
  46. Write This Down - Album Version
  47. The Best Day - Album Version
  48. Go On - Edit
  49. Run - Edit
  50. Living And Living Well - Album Version
  51. She'll Leave You With A Smile - Edit

Go On - Edit

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Go On

I'm so sorry, I keep interrupting
What were you gonna say?
You caught him cheatin', I don't blame you
For walkin' away.
I know where you're comin' from, it sounds like where I've been
Oh, there I go interrupting your story once again

Go on, go on, you were sayin' how a fool can only fool you so long
It's true, it's so true when they do you like that
What else you can do but go on.

Our conversation won't change nothin'
But it's sure nice to talk
With somebody who's been cut out of the same ol' cloth
You know how you said happiness can't be found lookin' back
If you don't mind, maybe we can talk a little more about that.

Go on, go on, you were sayin' this is better than sittin' at home
It's true, it's so true when they do you like that
What else can you do but go on..

Even when you see no reason to
Don't wait to live life 'cause it won't wait for you

Go on, please go on, you were sayin' what don't kill us only makes us strong
It's true, that's so true when they do you like that
What else can you do but go on.

M...and on.