Torus (心靈磁場)
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Torus (心靈磁場)

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4 首歌曲

1. I Am 我(肯定與祝福之歌)

Amidst the global pandemic, when many of us are confined to our homes–some are even confined within their own bodies by injury/disability–I wanted to create an audio trip into nature, into the forest. This song was not only designed to be used for breathing exercises, meditation, and yoga–if you sing along, it is also a practice of self affirmations and compassionate manifestation.


2. Thank You & Goodbye 謝謝。掰掰

As we grow and mature in life, we realize that not every friend we make will stay in our lives forever; nothing is forever–not even our own thoughts and emotions. Trying to hold onto what no longer serves us only creates frustrations and resentment–so let’s learn to say “thank you”, bid them goodbye, and let the audible rain shower wash them away to reveal a new and refreshed self. This song is also a practice track for the Six Healing Sound of qigong!


3. Up And Up 向上飛

Have you had days so bad that you can’t find the courage to get out of bed? Nothing excites you, and there’s nothing to look forward to? If you’ve ever felt this way, then this song is for you. Through the steady trip hop beats, we find compatible rhythm in our surroundings and realize how blessed we really are to just exist. This song takes me to the ocean, where I feel free and moved to action; I hope it does the same for you too.

大部分「心靈音樂」都意在緩慢現代人繁忙的腳步,經歷過憂鬱低潮的Oli知道其實很多朋友們是需要被拉一把,從靜態回到動態,找回生活動力。像跑馬拉松不是衝到底而是持續一貫腳步,「向上飛」這首歌利用平穩的英式 trip hop 節奏,漸漸融合生活中的音符,一鼓作氣成為能鼓舞人心的作品。

4. Oxygen 氧氣

This is the one song in the EP that most resembles a regular pop song, but it carries a big message: I see you. All the disappointments and hurts, all your attempts and struggles, everything that makes you feel small and invisible… I see you. I feel you. And I want to tell you that no matter what, you are important. Your life has meaning. And just like vital oxygen, you could be the difference in someone else’s life. So hold your head up high and hang in there!

這首歌大概是單曲中最像「流行歌」,但是它傳達出一個很重要的訊息:我看見你。朋友呀,你所有的傷心與失落、所有的努力和掙扎、所有讓你感到微小隱形的事情... 我看見了,我感同身受,我也經過,所以我想告訴你:不管如何你是重要的,你是值得的,你的生命是有意義的。抬起頭,打起精神來,因為你或許就是另一個人的救命氧氣!