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8 首歌曲
Hiperson – She Came Back From the Square

Release date: May 3, 2018
Format: cassette, CD, vinyl
Label: Maybe Mars
Recorded and mixed by Hiperson
Mastered by Yang Haisong

1. 有人說 Someone Said
2. 他像我的老師一樣驕傲 He’s as Proud as My Teacher
3. 出租車司機 Taxi Driver’s Body
4. 追和等 Pursuing and Awaiting
5. 歷史 The History
6. 陶瓷 Ceramics
7. 洞 Hole
8. 足球賽 Football Game

Life… death… friendship… regret… apologies… weird chats with cab drivers… biscuits. All are addressed to various degrees on the second album by Hiperson, 'She Came Back from the Square', which marks the return of China's best contemporary bands, fully invigorated and ready to talk in depth about crunchy snack-based metaphors.

“Everyone has their own concepts of Pursuing and Awaiting,” says singer Chen Sijiang, when asked about the inspiration for 'Pursuing and Awaiting': a standout track on the Chengdu-based band's new record, which will be released May 3rd on Maybe Mars . “For example, a child's 'pursuing' is for biscuits, but a parent sees biscuits as 'awaiting' because they don't think biscuits are healthy enough. How do parents use their 'awaiting' to fight against a child's 'pursuing' ?”
 “每個人對追求與等待都有自己的定義,”在被問到《追和等》一歌的靈感來源時,主唱陳思江這樣說道。這首令人耳目一新的歌曲是這支成都樂隊即將發布的新專輯中所收錄的一首歌,專輯會在5月3日由兵馬司唱片發行。 “比方說,對於一個小孩兒,他的'追求'是餅乾,而家長則把餅乾視為'等待',因為他們覺得在當時把餅乾給小孩子吃還不夠健康,因為也許馬上要吃正餐了,餅乾應該留著下次再吃。那麼家長們是如何用他們的'等待'去對抗孩子的'追求'的呢?”

If that explanation makes little sense to you, then don't worry too much. Chen, who has established herself as an enig-magnetic presence front of stage since Hiperson began gigging in 2012, is prone to oblique explanations of her band's dark, beguiling music. But 'She Came Back from The Square', the follow-up to the band's 2015 debut album 'No Need for Another History', is no obtusely twisty art-rock album. It's got depth, sure, but also contains the most bloody-steak-raw, direct songs the five-piece have ever released.

Just listen to 'He is as Proud as my Teacher', which sounds like a serrated guitar string being scraped across 'Metal Box'-era Public Image Limited's John Lydon's face, complete with yelped male-female panic-shouts that sound like they' re emanating from a serial killer's cellar. Or the menacing 'Taxi Driver's Body': a guitar squall hurricane that comes across as angrily noisy as, well as a Beijing taxi driver whose just been stiffed of a fare.
不信聽聽《他像我的老師一樣驕傲》,這歌聽起來簡直像用一根帶鋸齒的吉他弦刮《Metal Box》時期Public Image Limited樂隊主唱John Lydon的臉,背景裡尖銳的男女嘶吼猶如從連環殺手的地窖里傳來。或者那首來勢洶洶的《出租車司機》:呼嘯而過吉他颶風憤怒吵鬧得像

Songs are often confidently stripped back by guitarist Ji Yi'nan, who acted as producer when the band, completed by singer Chen, guitarist Liu Zetong, bassist Wang Minghui and drummer Wang Boqiang, recorded in their home city in Sichuan province in summer 2017. “We just went with the flow,” says Chen with a shrug about the new, more direct sound, which often sees affairs boiled down to simple, hypnotic grooves balancing on just bass and drums. “There was no-one else in the studio , just us, so things were simple and direct. We finished the whole thing in a month.”
2017年夏天,吉他手季一楠擔綱製作人,與樂隊其他四人——包括主唱陳思江、吉他手劉澤同、貝斯手王明慧以及鼓手王博強——在四川老家錄製專輯,許多歌曲都被他果斷地簡化了。 “我們就跟著感覺走,”對於這新的、更為直接的聲音,陳思江聳了下肩說道,它們常常最終歸結到只剩貝斯與鼓的簡單而催眠的平衡律動。 “錄音棚裡也沒別人,只有我們幾個,所以做起事兒來簡單直接。一個月就完活兒了。”

Musical touchpoints for the band included The Viking of Sixth Avenue: the posthumous compilation album by the blind, homeless and heavily-bearded US multi-insturmentalist Moondog. The squalling saxophone squeal of 'History', meanwhile, is likely a byproduct of Chen obsessively listening to Norwegian jazz musician Jan Garbarek. Steve Reich, Akio Suzuki and Sebadoh are other artists the band reels off when asked about the deep well of influences the band drank from when recording the new album.
樂隊在這張專輯中所受的音樂影響包括《The Viking of Sixth Avenue》:美國樂器多面手、大鬍子盲人流浪漢Moondog的遺作合輯。而《歷史》中尖叫的嗩吶很可能是陳思江瘋狂地聽挪威爵士樂人Jan Garbarek的結果。在被問到錄製新專輯過程中樂隊汲取的音樂源泉時,樂隊提到的名字還包括Steve Reich, Akio Suzuki 和 Sebadoh。

During this process, everyday conversations with strangers were seemingly as influential as rifling through the back catalogues of various pillars of alternative music history. Chen recalls a chat she had with a taxi driver that ended up shaping the lyrical content of the short, largely spoken- word intro 'Someone Said', plus the aforementioned 'He is as Proud as my Teacher', that follows it.

“I was chatting with an Uber driver and he started to calculate how much money my parents had to spend on me when they were raising me,” Chen says, recalling an interaction that sounds at best mildly inappropriate, at worst a downright creepy. Not for Chen, though – she found it intriguing. “He even gave me a final number,” she continues. “I liked him and thought the way he calculated the total was interesting – how much money does a person's life cost? It was a surprising way to think but I didn't think it was wrong – gaining something, calculating, spending… it's their life cycle.”
“我當時在跟一個優步司機聊天,然後他開始算賬,我父母養我得花多少錢,”陳思江回憶著這次令人聽上去說好聽了有點尷尬說難聽了完全聳人的乘駕互動。不過陳思江卻不這麼想——她覺得這次聊天很有意思。 “他最後真給我算出了一個數來,”她繼續道。 “我挺喜歡那司機的,我覺得他算賬的思路挺有意思的——一條人命值多少錢?這麼想有點讓人吃驚,但他並沒有胡說——收益,然後盤算,再花銷掉,這就是他們的生活循環。”

Chen ended up using the conversation to shape lyrics such as, “He is as proud as my teacher/How proud he is – experience of the general public/He calculates to survive/Is he wrong/Care for Him! Talk to him!” , immortalising arguably one of the weirder cabbie conversations than most get to experience.

Perhaps this head-on collision of cerebral life view analysis and rip-roaringly raw rock is fitting for a band that balances the deep and the direct so deftly. Whatever, along with the biscuits, it's another slosh of petrol on the crackling fire of intrigue that is 'She Came Back from the Square'. Trust us, you really want to hear this.