Neck and Neck (Neck and Neck)
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Neck and Neck (Neck and Neck)

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恐龍的皮 The Dinosaur’s Skin
<Neck and Neck>
2022/7/13 數位上架

由暴龍與三角龍組成的新興樂團「恐龍的皮」,以第一張作品〈Millions of Years Apart〉同時獲得金曲獎與金音獎的肯定,不但活躍於大港開唱、春浪等各大音樂祭,售票演出更是創下秒殺佳績。全新單曲〈Neck and Neck〉以復古Disco節奏、厚實爽快的合成器與朗朗上口的旋律唱著弱肉強食的恐龍故事。


The Dinosaur’s Skin is a Jurassic-Pop duo consisting of band members Trex and Triceratops. Their first EP〈Millions of Years Apart〉achieved great success, being nominated for both Golden Melody Awards and Golden Indie Music Awards. With shows that sold out in seconds and major appearances in music festivals such as Megaport Festial and Spring Wave, The Dinosaur’s Skin’s new single <Neck and Neck> sets out to be another prehistoric adventure.

Told through the eyes of a long-necked dinosaur chased by clawed carnivores, <Neck and Neck> is a story about fighting your demons. Producer Skippy from the band Crispy creates the trademark sound of The Dinosaur’s Skin, with retro disco beat, fat synth bass and super catchy melody, this is a song to dance to, a song that puts up a fight.