Take It Slow
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Take It Slow

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    Crispy脆樂團, 恐龍的皮(The Dinosaur's Skin)
1 首歌曲
Crispy脆樂團 X 恐龍的皮
年末崩世救贖合作單曲〈Take It Slow〉

「Let’s grow old like you said before/


「我 I 會 will 陪 follow 著 you 你 wherever 一直 you 到 go 最後」

Crispy X The Dinosaur’s Skin
New single <Take It Slow>
A collaboration that pushes all boundaries, transcending time, language, genre race and even species.
“Let’s grow old like you said before, this time I won’t let you go.”

After the asteroid hit the Earth, the dinosaurs marched in the everlasting Cretaceous night. As their friends fall one by one, The Dinosaur’s Skin found out extinction was a slow and painful process, and eventually became the only ones left of their species. It was a desperate fight for survival, just like how our battle in the post-pandemic human world. Step by step, slowly but surely, we will get there one way or another, together.

Before The Dinosaur’s Skin wandered into the modern world, before meeting Crispy and all of their human friends, this was where their story was suppose to end, but it was only the beginning.

“I will follow you wherever you go”

以暴龍與三角龍的樣貌活躍於獨立音樂場景的新興樂團「恐龍的皮」,在發行首張EP後屢創佳績,先是以單曲〈Millions of Years Apart〉入圍第十二屆金音獎,隨後舉行的首次專場演出〈The滅絕〉更是擠滿The Wall,成為各大音樂節爭相邀約的對象。

全新合作單曲〈Take it Slow〉打破所有的預設框架,恐龍的皮首度與製作人Skippy的樂團Crispy共同創作及合唱,在Dream Pop、Lo-fi的歪斜聲響中創造更寬廣的音樂景深。恐龍的皮以英文演唱隕石落下後恐龍走向滅亡的路途、Crispy則以中文道出後疫情時代人類的冷漠與紛爭,在一樣為了生存的漫漫長路中,以截然不同的角度訴說恐懼、絕望、焦慮以及永遠的陪伴。

合聲特地邀請來自烏克蘭、加拿大、印尼等國家的聲音一起合唱,樂器更找來Everydaze、體熊專科吉他手包子、各大演唱會職業樂手Jack Ko、小潘錄製,為跨越時空、語言、曲風、國界、種族甚至是物種的合作。是開始,也是結束、是恐龍的故事、也是人類的故事,是最深淵的絕望、也是最堅定的希望,不管這條路多久多長,我們一起慢慢地走。

「沒關係,Take it slow」

After releasing their debut EP “Millions of Years Apart”, The Dinosaur’s Skin, a band consisting of the last two remaining dinosaurs on Earth, achieved great musical success with their nomination of the Golden Indie Music Award and a packed concert at The Wall live house.
With many appearances in music festivals, their energetic live shows and catchy sing-along songs propelled them to the forefront of the indie music scene.

Their new single <Take It Slow> is a collaborative effort between The Dinosaur’s Skin and Crispy, an indie-pop duo from Taiwan who produced The Dinosaur’s Skin’s debut EP. With Crispy singing in Mandarin and Dinosaurs singing in English, <Take It Slow> is a crossover that goes beyond language, genre species and even race, featuring chorus vocals from all over the world including Ukraine, Indonesia and Canada.

A tale about extinction, desperation, fear and hope, told by dinosaurs and humans in their respective toungue, a song that will keep us warm in the longest of winters and give us love in the loneliness of the post-pandemic world. Dinosaurs and humans are not so different after all, and we will work it out together, one step at a time.

“Let’s go, take It slow”