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Tales of Grandeur Tales of Grandeur 2022/11/04 Smile and Fake It Smile and Fake It 2022/09/23 Thugs 'n' Thieves Thugs 'n' Thieves 2022/06/24 Forever Forever 2022/04/22 Stay Another Day Stay Another Day 2021/12/25 Retirement Retirement 2020/12/18 Easily Led (Lockdown Sessions) Easily Led (Lockdown Sessions) 2020/08/07 Easily Led Easily Led 2020/03/13 Different Breed Different Breed 2019/12/13 Welcome Home Welcome Home 2012/03/30 The Horizon The Horizon 2012/03/23 Quiet Night In Quiet Night In 2011/10/07 Quiet Night In - EP Quiet Night In - EP 2011/10/07 Live From King Tuts - EP Live From King Tuts - EP 2011/07/08 Welcome Home Welcome Home 2011/05/20 The First Time The First Time 2011/02/13